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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Science Notebooks

This year we will be using science notebooks every day in class. These will be used for bell ringers, to collect notes, lab journals and to keep track of homework due or test coming up.

The reason for these is to better organize students notes and class work. I don't want the notes we take in class to be put on a random piece of paper and then get lost on the way out the door. I want them to be a useful tool in helping understanding the content and used to help study. They will be able to keep them in a safe place in the classroom but can take them home to help with homework or to study for test and quizzes.

Students will be asked to bring in a notebook specific just for science to use. I would prefer the composition notebooks like the one shown because the paper doesn't rip out very easily. A spiral notebook will work if a composition notebook is not available.

Here is a look at what they will look like.

 This last picture would be an example of what an every day entry would look like. Students will always have a "In" or a bell ringer to put in to the notebook and always have an "Out" to put in.