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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heavy Lifting Rocket Lab

Heavy Lifting
The past week students have been working on their first true lab. The lab was helpings students understand the process of the scientific method.

Problem: NASA is asking for help in designing the next generation of heavy lifting launchers. Your job is to design the most efficient way to carry heavy payloads up in to space.

Experiment: Students will use the materials listed to design a heavy launcher and will test it at one of the classroom launch sites. The launch sites will be constructed of a fishing line going from the floor to the ceiling and for your launch to be a successful one it must reach the ceiling (outer-space).

Here is what some students designs looked like.

For each class we had a competition to see who could get the most payload (paperclips) to the ceiling.
Here are the winners for each class:
1st Hour: Dylan Smith, David Zawodny, Brennan Bennett, Kaitland Hill (22 paperclips)
4th Hour: Casey O'Connell, Zach Pelzer, Logan Littrell, Roslyn Zeller (22 paperclips)
5th Hour: Christian Willams, Jessie Willis, Katlyn Shroyer, Brianna Smith-Nimley (26 paperclips)
6th Hour: Cherokee Ledford, Selina Harris, Corey Greim, Austin Williams, Devin Hill (5 paperclips)
7th Hour: Vincent Sorrentino, John Smith, Alex Alexander, Sydney Shea (22 paperclips)
8th Hour: Rylee Pitts, Shelby Starkebaum, Dakoda Riney, Laurren Crowley (OVERALL WINNER, 32 paperclips)

Best Poster: Brennan Richey, Gabby Sauza, Kaitlenn Harvie, Bobby Wilkenson

Here is a clip of one of the winning rockets being launched.